The AGTTA League runs every Tuesday night. A league is a series of 10 sessions over a roughly 10 week period (may vary due to unavailability of the gym, holidays, or inter-league break). A new league starts following the completion of the previous league. League awards are based upon the outcome of the 10 week league. Additional details about the AGTTA League process are provided HERE. Links to the most recent results are shown below:

Session Group Report History / Archive

(Results from May 2009 to the present)

AGTTA strives to promote fair play and good sportsmanship in all of its activities. Whether in tournaments, league matches, or open play, players are expected to abide by the official USATT rules. The most common complaints usually have to do with illegal serves or rackets that do not meet USATT standards.

Serves: The ball must be tossed straight up from an open palm at least six inches. The serve cannot be hidden by your free arm or any part of your body. The serve must begin from above the level of the playing surface.

Rackets: Rackets used in league play or tournaments must be USATT approved. Rubber racket coverings may not be tampered with in any way that changes their playing characteristics. This includes the use of speed glue or tuners.

If you have a question or complaint regarding rules during any AGTTA function, contact the league director or any of the AGTTA officers. A complete set of rules can be found on the USATT website at