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In a very thrilling SPRING 2024 GRR Finals, Alexandru Cazacu of the MLTT Chicago Wind, defeated  Daniel Gorak of the Florida Crocs.

Very thrilling match full of Professional International points and excitement.

Expect similar excitement at the 2024 Paddle Palace Atlanta Summer Open 6/1-2/2024

AGTTA is 100% Safe Sport certified. All Coaches and all administrators.

Parents, do you know who is Coaching or watching after your children?

Safe Sport certification is IMPORTANT!


Fair Play

You may have noticed the sign at the sign-in table on Tuesdays about using approved equipment and not using speed glue. AGTTA encourages all players to use approved equipment. We have a number of players who are not serving legally. If you are hiding the ball with your arm, not tossing the ball six inches, or lowering the ball below table level, you are not serving legally and you are getting an unfair advantage in games. Please make sure you are serving legally. Your fellow club members will greatly appreciate it.

Help Wanted

AGTTA is a nonprofit corporation that relies for the most part, on volunteers to run our club. We currently could use help in several areas. Volunteer coaches, photographers, media specialists, tournament helpers, marketing specialists, grant writers, assistant league directors, and coaching assistants are just a few of the jobs that we could use help with. If you have a special skill that you feel could help our club, contact Brian Crisp at